Avedo, one of the leading German dialogue marketing specialists, is to be marketed under a corporate identity which will apply to all its locations. Following this merger the group of companies will bring together its brands of Zoiros, tema-direkt and Benchmark Partner under the umbrella brand of Avedo. The associated growth in know-how as well as the focusing of competences, strengthens Avedo’s market position and paves the way for steady growth.


Following this merger Avedo will become with immediate effect the standard brand name for all companies and locations belonging to the Avedo Group. Individually, the holdings will continue to trade as Avedo GmbH. The recently established subsidiary companies will continue to trade as Avedo Köln GmbH, Avedo Leipzig GmbH (formerly tema-direkt) and as Avedo Rostock GmbH (formerly Benchmark Partner) or Avedo München GmbH (formerly Zoiros).

Avedo expanding throughout Germany

The merger of brands has many benefits for the Avedo Group – above all it enables its competences and its wide-ranging know-how to be focused across all locations. In practical terms this means that the dialogue marketing specialist will be able in future to execute even more large scale projects and to provide its customers in Europe and throughout the world with a top quality service as well. In the outbound area the sales services of the company include lead management, telemarketing and tele-sales. In addition, Avedo optimises its clients’ business processes thanks to an effective business process outsourcing (BPO). Under the slogan “Care2Sale” Avedo pursues its goal of transforming the inbound customer service centres it operates from pure cost centres into profit-making profit centres by means of intelligent cross and upselling.

With the unified corporate identity the company has now created the ideal conditions for the growth strategy it is pursuing: Avedo plans to increase its workforce currently numbering over 1,000 employees to 1,500 employees by as early as the end of the year.

In explaining the merger, Asbjörn Stopp, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at Avedo Group had the following to say: “The merger of brands brings together what belongs together. In this way we strengthen our position in the German market and can focus our efforts on driving forward our growth strategy. With our workforce and a concentrated presence throughout Germany, we can offer our customers in future an even wider range of services, while at the same time drawing on existing tried and tested processes.”

New addition to the management board: Dietmar Preiß

At the turn of the year, the Avedo Group is expanding its management board, comprising of Torsten Krause CEO, Klaus Resch CFO and Asbjörn Stopp to include Dietmar Preiß COO, who will undertake operational management. Together with the other managers of Avedo he will expand the customer base and drive forward the integration of the individual companies under the umbrella of Avedo GmbH. The rest of the management of the individual locations – Heiko Riegel (Avedo Leipzig), Daniel Parting (Avedo Rostock), Narges Hekmat (Avedo Cologne) and Rüdiger Behmel (Avedo Munich) – remains unchanged.

Avedo at a glance

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