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The other end of the call – your telephone communication in professional hands

The personal contact for your customers over the phone plays an important role in customer management. Telephone communications are handled typically as incoming and outgoing calls. The lines of our inbound services offer your existing and new customers a professional point of contact with respect to questions of any kind regarding products and services. Our Avedo outbound spectrum covers the pre and after sales service. We provide individual sales offers focused on target group oriented customer acquisition and customer recovery. We highlight the customer benefit of the service so that the end consumer profits the most. The professional handling of customer service such as complaint management and further customer service aspects handled by the seller, i.e. exhaustion of cross selling potentials, concern the after sales business.


The digital world – customer service on all channels

The classical customer support channels are extended by digital sales paths. By optimising emails, web chats and online self-services, support is provided in the establishment of efficient sales solutions. We only accompany your customers via all non-voice channels and react in real-time. This way the customer receives an adequate consultation via the communication path, which he or she chooses themselves. Our non-voice spectrum reaches from emails to complex chat campaigns.

Web chat Service

The cross-system consultation - for the support after the self-help

A large number of your customers’ requests online consultation immediately. With respect to pro-active cross-system web chats, our employees take up direct and exact contact with your customers. This way we adapt to the complex service requirements of customer management and elevate the sales potential of potential buyers. We integrate chat-based solutions on the website, in apps and social media applications. Competent support via live chat, video chat or instant messaging are applied once the customer has exhausted all paths of self-help.

Video interaction

The next level – sales discussions and consultations via video chat.

The distance to your customer is shortest via video interaction, which increases the potential of the sales success sustainably. Our experienced customer representatives carry out a professional video consultation which will centre on the sales discussions completely. The conversational atmosphere is improved tremendously via this personal contact path. After completing the sales, we can quickly and legally verify your customers via video with help of our innovative legitimation procedures. This technology can also be used for the confirmation of credit applications or age limitations. Use our innovative video chat and pave the way between digital and classical marketing channels.


Step-by-step help – if things are more complicated than usual

Not every inbound matter can be handled via telephone, email or chat. Your customers can be accompanied live and step-by-step with the individual co-browsing solution of Avedo, through contract details or complex manuals. The processing time of a request is thereby significantly shortened and the customer experience increased through the personal service experience. The technical integration of the co-browsing module is simple and is ideal for the simultaneous use of video consultation. Provide your customers with this individual support and save costs at the same time due to lower temporal consultation costs.

Social Media

Having an eye on the community – optimising your sales and service campaigns in social networks

The tendency of customers who emerge from social media platforms is also increasing. Avedo employees, who are involved in this important field, are properly trained in order to be able to adequately react to posts and tweets. Our innovative monitoring tools allow an exact analysis of opinions and recensions of your consumers in social networks such as Facebook or Google+. Our social media expert knowledge optimises sales and service campaigns of your products and services and promotes a higher customer satisfaction, which goes hand in hand with enhancing the reputation of your company.


Sales Contact

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