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The sales preparation – cost optimisation through requirement analyses

We carry out requirement analyses in order to optimally prepare for your target group. In order to optimise costs of your sales activity, we can also identify developmental potentials and react with the respective sales service model. Our friendly employees schedule individual appointments which increase your reachability. We are also available if potential customers have questions about your range of product and range of services.

Outbound sales

The Classic Call Centre representative – customer acquisition at the right time and in the right manner.

Customer acquisition is our core strength because we provide the adequate offers for potential customers. The basis of our outbound model forms comprehensive analyses, which will determine the value potential of your customers in order to be able to address them in the desired route of communication. We cater to your target group, products and services. Our well-trained sales agents use performance-oriented and collaborative technologies, which enable an adequate address of your customers and the path to a successful sales closure. We will create an attractive outbound concept with reachable goals with respect to new customer acquisition.


The profit centre – profit generation instead of creating costs.

The sales of your products and services can also be increased in the frame of the inbound services. Avedo optimises your business processes with help of effective business process outsourcing (BPO) and offers business processes and searches in accordance with the house-internal Care2Sale concepts for adequate cross-and-upselling. With our inbound sales expert knowledge, we significantly increase your turnover with simultaneous high-level service support. We turn the cost centres into so-called profit centres: instead of creating costs, you can improve the additional profitability. First-class customer support is a definite must for Avedo because this way sale potentials can be optimally used. Our experienced staff are specialised in developing customised offerings for your customers with the help of extensive analysis tools. Our offer: timely and modern solution models, which bind your customers long-term.

Up-/ cross selling

The strong address of the customers – discovering and utilising sales potentials

The chance often arises to sell a product of higher value or a complementary product during the conversation with a customer. Our professional outbound agents exhaust additional sale opportunities consequently, but discreetly. The customer is the focus of our attention and receives an optimal consultation due to the application of modern analysis tools and IT systems. Further increases of potentials of their customers. We increase the potential, which is hidden in our customers: higher-end products or additional service offerings are always offered by our call centre agent.

After sales services

The foundation of sustainable customer relations – excellent consultations even after the sale.

The experiences of your customers determine your image. Therefore, the following applies with respect to the product and customer life cycle: after sales is pre-sale. Professional product service and customer service also takes place after the purchase and form the foundation for a successful and sustainable customer relation. This also includes information about new products and offerings, which encourage repeat-purchases.
Our after-sales offering overview:

  • Professional customer support on all channels
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Support
  • Feedback and complaint management
  • Request management

We record the feedback of your customers, for instance with customer satisfaction questionnaires, and develop concepts for the further development and improvement of your customer relationship management together with you.

Winning back customers

The supreme discipline – winning back former customers

If your customer has decided on a new product and ended the customer relationship with you, then you first need to identify the reasons. This already represents the first phase of winning back customers. The next step is for us to take a closer look at the reasons for the cancellations of your uses, i.e. insufficient product or service quality, in order to be able to offer a personalised, improved solution.
The reactivation of former customers via phone entails a high turnover potential for you company. Our effective win-back strategies can fully exhaust such a potential through the combination of satisfaction analyses and actions to actively win back customers. We obtain targeted feedback and establish the lessons learned, which is an impulse for future customer prevention measures.

Customer prevention & retention

The valuable customer relationship – keep acquired customers for a long period of time.

In the frame of our intelligent customer prevention and retention measures, we would like to bind existing customers long-term to your products and services, avoid customer defections. The foundation for effective churn prevention is the implementation of extensive analyses of various digital channels (predictive analysis). This way we measure the requirements of customers and can predict future customer behaviour precisely. We develop effective strategies for action, so-called next best action strategies, with which we would like to provide your customers proactively with customised offers for instance in the case of an intention to terminate.
This target-oriented address of the customers leads to a higher customer satisfaction and strengthens the awareness of your brand. Our friendly team paves the path to success with convincing arguments. We find the right employees for every project and every campaign of our clients, and prepare them adequately for your customers. Save significant costs because it is more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones.


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