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Your dialogue marketing specialist with six locations in Germany


We are Avedo

Specialists in dialogue marketing with seven call centers in Germany.

The Company

Avedois one of the leading dialogue marketing specialists throughout the whole of Germany and part of the STRÖER Dialog Group with its head office in Leipzig as well as seven subsidiary companies in Cologne, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Leipzig (2x), Munich and Rostock. Since it was founded in 2004, this full service provider has provided its clients with high quality digital customer service with a comprehensive range of services as well as reliable advice on all aspects of dialogue marketing from one source. Avedo sees itself primarily as a partner which provides solutions for its clients and supports them in exploring new ways of using customer dialogue to give them that crucial competitive advantage.


Company Structure

With a workforce currently numbering about 1,850 employees Avedo undertakes extensive acquisition tasks and qualifies profit-making market segments for its customers’ forthcoming campaigns. The core sectors of the company comprise: finance, insurances, energy, recycling, automotive, healthcare, tourism, e-commerce, IT and telecommunications as well as the electrical and sports industries. As part of STRÖER Dialog Group, Avedo is linked to Ranger, the STRÖER Dialog Group brand that represents professional Field Sales in the area of B2B and B2C direct sales.



Whether it be service to our existing customers, sales and marketing campaigns, project management, ticketing or in- or outbound campaigns, Avedo offers omnichannel solutions. The sales services in the outbound field include lead management, telemarketing and telesales. In addition, Avedo optimises its clients’ business processes thanks to an effective business process outsourcing (BPO). Under the slogan “Care2Sale” Avedo pursues its goal of transforming the inbound customer service centres it operates from pure cost centres into profit-making profit centres by means of intelligent cross and upselling.


Corporate philosophy

Commitment, respect, trust and excellence – Avedo Call Center lives and breathes these four core values every day in its relationships with its clients and employees alike. The company, which operates to the highest quality standards, achieves its above average benchmark and record performances thanks to a perfectly balanced mix of the highest levels of commitment and the excellent training given to its employees, the extremely attractive working conditions it offers and the sheer enjoyment its employees derive in carrying out stimulating tasks. Thanks to this concept as well as the exceptionally wide range of services it offers, Avedo succeeds effortlessly in accommodating the interests of its clients, employees and benchmark partners and in achieving a win-win solution for all concerned.


Facts and Figures

Foundation of company

Total number of employees

Cologne, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Leipzig, Leipzig West, Munich, Rostock

Office space
20.000 m²

more than 30 mio. a year

Turnover 2016
48,1 mio. Euro

Market position
amongst the top 15 in the call center sector in Germany

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Core sectors
finance, insurances, energy, recycling, automotive, healthcare, tourism, IT, multimedia, telecommunications, e-commerce, electrical and sports industries

Management of Avedo Units

Avedo management peter rohlfing

Peter Rohlfing

Managing Director
Avedo Essen GmbH & Avedo Gelsenkirchen GmbH

avedo narges hekmat

Narges Hekmat

Managing Director
Avedo Köln GmbH

avedo heiko riegel

Heiko Riegel

Managing Director
Avedo Leipzig GmbH

avedo ruediger behmel

Rüdiger Behmel

Managing Director
Avedo München GmbH

avedo management thomas jordan

Thomas Jordan

Managing Director
Avedo Rostock GmbH

avedo management Marco Schmidt

Marco Schmidt

Managing Director
Avedo Leipzig West GmbH

Management Board of STRÖER Dialog Group

avedo management torsten krause

Torsten Krause

CEO, Legal & Compliance Mergers & Acquisitions

avedo management christian kuepper

Christian Küpper

CBDO, Business Development

avedo management Michael Krall

Michael Krall

CFO, HR & Finance

avedo management asbjoern stopp

Asbjörn Stopp

Director Sales, Marketing & Business Development