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The extensive service portfolio of dialogue marketing specialists


We inspire our customers with our high standards and expertise

For more than 40 years the know-how underpinning our services has provided support to our customers and partners in the form of strategic added value. With a workforce currently numbering around 7,000 employees at 25 locations, our own central data processing centre and the focused approach of a highly qualified full service provider, we can offer you a comprehensive range of services from one source.


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In the fiercely competitive insurance market our innovative approaches in customer service give our customers that crucial competitive edge.

Our employees have excellent know-how and the required sensitivity to win and develop customer confidence over the long term. We can react dynamically to market innovations such as the advance of digitalisation and always have the right omnichannel solution on hand to meet the individual needs of each customer.

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As one of the leading communications service providers we are the company of choice for most clients in Germany where financial matters are involved.

We bring to any project the experience and know-how acquired from numerous successfully completed projects in the financial sector, thereby laying the foundation for new campaigns and lasting trust.



The sensitive handling of pharmaceutical and medical matters calls for technical knowledge, experience, as well as a high level of responsibility.

Additionally, it is of the utmost importance to have the ability to communicate and transmit in a professional manner information about complex products. We meet this responsibility by applying our many years of experience and expert knowledge of medical matters.Our employees, who have undergone in-depth training and are able to deal in a sensitive manner with these subjects, develop a suitable offer to meet the personal needs of the customer

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The competitive automotive sector is often based on very close customer relationships developed over many years.

The service we provide covers customer care before, during and after a purchase decision and ensures that the customer will not regret their purchase decision. In this way we can exhaust all cross and upselling potentials and offer a satisfied customer a highly effective comprehensive package in a trust-based and heavily customer-oriented dialogue.



Characterised by the move towards alternative energy sources and competition, the energy sector is not only a dynamic and a diverse marketplace.

It also represents an exciting challenge which brings with it great potential. The individual demands of consumers determine movements within the energy market. As a service-oriented, competent and professional partner, we exploit the potential benefits this represents for you, support you in implementing statutory requirements and together we overcome the challenges.



Focusing on the efficient and economical use of natural resources, we can offer you the extensive knowledge, holistic solutions, as well as forward-looking ideas.

These form the foundation of successful business operations and turn sustainability into a means of making your business more successful. “The green telephone” as a nationwide service for the German dual system of waste collection enables the end user, waste disposal companies and thus the entire waste management industry to co-ordinate waste disposal processes in the most effective way.

branche telekommunikation avedo


There is scarcely any market that is changing so quickly and dynamically as the telecommunications sector.

Rapid, flexible and results-oriented solutions are therefore indispensable in giving you that crucial competitive edge. We have adapted to the needs and requirements of the market and apply process-oriented and cost-effective strategies to ensure effective customer and sales management.

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Electrical industry

Innovative products, digital distribution channels and hybrid business models are becoming increasingly important.

The challenge lies in successfully combining the analogue and digital aspects and offering the customer a worthwhile buying experience. In meeting this challenge you can call on our unique product knowledge and expert advice in identifying potential markets, thereby ensuring the provision of effective customer care.

branche it avedo


With increasingly innovative information technologies, the demands of costumers in this industry are also increasing.

This calls for an alternative to conventional chains of distribution in the highly complex field of information technology. Our strong consulting skills and high levels of commitment enable us to respond to the increasingly high customer demands for an alternative to conventional chains of distribution in the highly complex field of information technology. We develop optimum telemarketing strategies for strategic sales support to maximise the results from current and forthcoming campaigns and to give you that decisive competitive edge over your competitors.

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The Internet provides a means of actively creating business processes quickly and simply in order to accelerate the acquisition of new customers.

Thanks to our integrated solutions for customer management and our experiences as a BPO partner, we are able to provide expert support in setting up new distribution channels. At the same time the satisfaction of customer needs and the creation of positively experienced moments of purchase form the basis of long term customer retention.

branche tourismus avedo


The aim in the fiercely competitive tourism market is to operate cost-effectively while still providing customers with more service.

At the same time, this represents the greatest challenge airlines and companies in the tourism sector are facing. By communicating effectively with customers we can shape existing and new customer relations in an effective and individual way. With our comprehensive range of services we offer efficient solutions to ensure customer retention and to support companies in the challenges posed in the CRM field.

branche sportindustrie avedo

Sports Industry

We are your first port of call for expert advice on and sound solutions for all questions relating to successful ticketing.

State of the art customer service with omnichannel solutions enable sporting events of all types to be handled simply and with a high level of customer service. With our innovative solutions we can advise customers before they make their orders, provide support during the ordering process and then keep them informed of further offers which they are sure to find attractive.



All customers have special needs varying from sector to sector which we meet with new and innovative services. With the experience we have acquired, we have been able to win not just customers but longstanding partners.



Customer Retention
A high level of customer satisfaction is the basis and prerequisite for long-term customer retention. And yet the acquisition of new customers and customer retention is not only very expensive but also enormously time-consuming. As part of the CRM concept our aim is to retain the loyalty of existing customers to your products and your company over the long term. We monitor changes in customer needs in order to meet current demands and wishes. For it is only the person who has a detailed knowledge of the customer who can respond in a targeted way to their needs and thus increase customer satisfaction. By analysing your community management we can optimise brand awareness.

Customer Services
We offer your customers and potential customers a comprehensive and specialised support as their first port of call. Our information lines are staffed by expert call handlers who can answer your customers’ questions about your products or your company. Out of the ordinary and specific enquiries are referred to the responsible departments. We take care of everything for you.Our helpdesk service is the contact point for technical devices and software. Your customers are given all the necessary information and support at every stage. We can draw on an extensive knowledge database in the shape of specialised employees and ensure your customers benefit from our in-depth know-how.

Sales Services
Experience the benefits of our customer and sales-oriented value added chain. We offer you a wide range of services from pre to after-sales service.Focusing on targeted customer acquisition or even on customer winback we support you with personalised advice and offers. The key thing here is to emphasise the benefits to customers of the services offered because it is only by doing so that customers will take up these services.Typical functions of after sales management include the professional handling of customer services, e.g. complaints management and the continued support given to the customer by the seller in order possibly to transact further business.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
The problems posed by the increasing levels and fierceness of competition throughout the world present a challenge to us entrepreneurs. Our aim is to optimise strategic competitive factors such as quality, costs and time. With its focus on innovative and scientifically-based solutions our range of services is far more extensive than those of a traditional call centre. Our adaptive contact centre creates for you the professional organisation of a complete office infrastructure without you having to organise and operate this yourself. All administrative responsibilities are taken care of for you by our telesales professionals, thereby giving you more flexibility.

Lead Management
Making satisfied customers out of potential purchasers is a passion with us. We ensure a transparent process and methods to make the success of your company measurable and promote the generation of new prospective customers, especially in high growth sectors. At the same time we cover all aspects of lead management. In lead generation we focus on the targeted approach of the right person to contact. This achieves great savings in time and above all reduces the high costs involved in non-targeted lead generation. In addition, we qualify new leads for the sales process. This means we continuously carry out new assessments from which the actual prospective purchasers can then be identified. We can also drive forward with our innovative strategies the maintenance and expansion of your customer base on an ongoing basis. Existing customers are a company’s most important assets and we help current active customer bases to expand.

Channel Enablement
You can rely on us as your competent partner in all fields of channel enablement whether it be for partner recruitment, on-site sales support or channel auditing and evaluation. Our experienced auditing professionals subject your channel program to rigorous testing. This involves both an assessment of the current actual situation and a joint determination of the target situation. We jointly develop practical solutions to problems, thereby providing your company with the required competitive edge. We have developed comprehensive databases and a targeted telemarketing strategy in order to create long-term partnerships. We’ll also be delighted to support distribution partners on site. Our employees have undergone the relevant training and have in depth technical knowledge to enable them to provide professional and long term support for existing and new customers.

Teleprospecting Services
Personal contact with the relevant contact partners is probably the key requirement for a successful business relationship. In Appointment Setting we go to great lengths in making the initial contact, following which we make appointments for you with the decision makers. Our team with their strong communication skills provide you with all the necessary information about potential new customers. We generate not only direct and high quality leads but also help you gain access to firms that are often difficult to access. Our Account Profiling Service thus provides you with the necessary support so that you can get to know your customers really well and target your range of services with pinpoint accuracy. The third area of teleprospecting services is the design and implementation of intensive market research in the B2B area which is at the same time one of our highest quality services. Our extensive and in-depth market knowledge gives you important insights to maximise your sales.

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